Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ku Li: Lack of democracy is Umno's main weakness

Saturday, 05 April 2008
(The Star) - Describing Umno as being mired in a crisis, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah said the lack of democracy was the main cause of the party's weakness.

The Gua Musang Umno division chief said the quota system in which 30% of divisional nominations were needed before a candidate could contest the president post was an example of the party lacking in democracy.

He said the requirement meant that candidates would need nominations from at least 58 divisions in order to contest.

"The rationale is to curtail members from contesting for posts but I don’t think there are Umno members who will simply challenge the party president without any strong reasons,” he told reporters after opening the division's extraordinary general meeting (EGM) here.

He said the quota system created a situation where members were more loyal to leaders instead of the party and incidences of money politics.

He said the recent general election had eroded the people's support and confidence in Umno and immediate steps must be taken to stop the situation from worsening.

“We have to convene an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) immediately, involving Umno delegates, to carry out soul-searching on the cause of Umno’s dismal performance in the election,” he said.

The EGM attended by 423 delegates from 191 branches in Gua Musang was held to press the party supreme council to convene a national-level EGM to discuss the results of the polls.

Gua Musang is the first division to hold the EGM with Tengku Razaleigh urging the 190 divisions in the country to hold theirs.

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Slowhorn said...

Yes, yes, yes... correct, correct, correct...

but why on earth are you attempting to rescue a sinking ship for anyway... wouldn't it make more sense to just help blow it up to pieces. Once this has been accomplished, get yourself a new ship, like Noah's Ark, choose and pick up the good and clean ones on board and let the bad and dirty ones to carry on with their irrelevancies.

Political parties, like the sun, like the moon, come and go. UMNO, liken to a 62 years old prostitute, being used and abused, will not attract even the older generations, let alone the young-lings, as damaged done is beyond repairs. The fact is, UMNO has outlived its useful life.

however Malays will always be here, classified as backward and lazy as they were, we cannot blow them all up into little pieces, we cannot sink them all, no matter how much C4 being used.

These Malays needed an "UMNO" like party but definitely not the outgoing terminally cancerous dying one that you are trying to rescue.

So let go of your nostalgia, have faith in yourself, for many Malays that voted for BN, PAS, PKR, DAP or any others recently will soon appreciate what you are doing and definitely will be with the new Ark you created, once PKMB is out of sight and sooner if not later out of mind, for there is no other alternatives.

all with God's willing

may He be with you and you be blessed with wisdom and good health.